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Murol - Saint Nectaire

The visits

The Mysteries of Farges in Saint-Nectaire

Discover how the famous Saint-Nectaire cheese is made by strolling through these 4 mythical caves of the Dôme.  

Relive the mysterious history of these medieval cave dwellings.

This historical heritage is waiting for you on rainy days or after hiking.


The Caves of Cornadore in Saint-Nectaire

Enter the atmosphere of the first thermal baths in Roman times in the heart of the Sancy massif. You will discover how the thermal baths were organized more than 2000 years ago. Let yourself be guided by experts 

Church of Saint-Nectaire

Considered to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque churches in Auvergne, the Church of Saint-Nectaire will amaze you with its magnificent architecture and unique panorama. Admire the landscape and this unique place. A few steps from the ski resorts, do not miss this unique place.


The Petrifying Fountains of Saint-Nectaire

Discover the art of petrification on an underground cave escapade. Discover how the man knew how to exploit the limestone to create.  

A few kilometers from the regional natural p arc of the Auvergne volcanoes, discover a completely different style of rock.

For the little ones


Saint-Nectaire Educational Park

Myocastors, prairie dogs, Saarloos, marmots, reindeer, wallabies, kangaroos ... but also farm animals are accessible without fear to the delight of children.

Stroll through this nature reserve on the trails and discover the flora and fauna of Auvergne.


Discovery of the Château de Murol

Visit this 12th century fortress, and immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere.  

Visit that will appeal to young and old alike. Located a few kilometers from your rental at Mont Dore, this stopover is essential in the heart of the Puy de Dôme department!

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